The stabilising industry is highly specialised and requires an experienced contractor with an understanding of the various binder applications suitable for each individual project in order to achieve the desired results.

At Stabilcorp we understand that the days of rip and tip are outdated and unsustainable when it comes to road pavement construction, rehabilitation and maintenance.

Stabilising is a proven method of extending life in unsound, weakened pavements on Highways, Urban roads, Airport runways, Helicopter pads, Construction sites and Gravel roads. The process of stabilising has many benefits which include;

  • The ability to recycle and reuse existing pavement materials
  • Less disruption to traffic
  • Minimal or no requirement for site excavation and costs associated with it
  • Cost of new quarried materials reduced or not required depending on application
  • Landfill tip sites costs reduced
  • Less or no haulage costs for transporting unsuitable material away and carting new material in
  • Drying wet soils to allow construction/remediation activities to continue
  • Completion time of project reduced
  • A stabilised pavement will require less financial outlay and less future maintenance than a conventional unmodified pavement and can yield savings to the client of up to 40%.

Financial savings translate into more profitability for Contractors and land Developers, and for our Government clients, savings provide the opportunity to increase the amount of road rehabilitation that can be achieved within the allocated budget.

At Stabilcorp our focus is to save our clients time and money through innovation and service.

Contact us at Stabilcorp and we will provide a competitive quotation for your next Stabilising project.