Road Shoulder Repairs & Widening


Stabilcorp offers clients who are responsible for road repairs and maintenance, a cost-effective and efficient option for repairing and widening shoulders of roads – the ShoulderMaster.

It is proven that narrow roads that lack uniformity and have edge breaks on the shoulders are contributing factors to vehicle run off and loss of traction which can result in serious motor vehicle accidents.

Well maintained and widened road shoulders provide a safer driving experience for motorists and also provide protection to the underlying pavement as well as assisting with the removal of water from the edge of the roadway.

Stabilcorp has invested heavily into research and development and has recently designed and manufactured the patent pending ShoulderMaster for remediating shoulders and road widening.

The ShoulderMaster is up to 70% more cost effective than other traditional methods and is quick, safe and offers minimal disruption to traffic during the road repair phase.

The equipment is easily attached to a skid-steer loader within minutes and offers hydraulic tilt function for grade control. It can lay either granular pavement materials or asphalt and has a heated screed plate specifically for asphalt use. The process delivers clean defined edges with precision whilst adding width of between 0.5m up to 1.5m in one pass, or with the addition of another option up to 2.1m. width.

This innovative attachment has the capacity of delivering between 3 to 5 tonnes of construction material every minute dependent on excavation via a chain driven conveyer and is the only road shoulder paver of its kind available in Australia with these specifications.

Contact Stabilcorp today to discuss how we can improve road shoulders in your area which offers considerable savings.