Plant hire

Stabilcorp has acquired specialist plant and machinery for the purposes of road repair and maintenance within the Civil Construction and Asphalt industry.

Stabilcorp Fleet for Hire includes:

  • Tippers
  • Water Carts
  • Float Cartage
  • Bobcats/Sweepers
  • Rollers
  • Profilers
  • Stabiliser/Reclaimers
  • Kerb/Gutter Machine
  • Shouldermaster road-widener
  • Spreaders

Stabilcorp ensures that all Plant, Equipment and vehicles are kept serviced and maintained on a regular basis by in-house qualified diesel mechanics who take the responsibility of providing safe working machinery to the employees who use it seriously.

Stabilcorp hires Plant, Machinery and Labour Hire to the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) various Councils and Contractors and has a policy of providing qualified staff with any machinery hired to guarantee that the machinery is used efficiently for the purposes intended.

In early 2014 Stabilcorp developed exciting new patent pending technology and machinery involved in the construction, repair and maintenance of roads and in particular shoulders of roads. The completion of its manufacture occured in May 2015 just in time to be unveiled at Sydney’s Civenex Infrastructure Expo. This road shoulder repair and maintenance equipment is expected to save road authorities hundreds of thousands of dollars and was created as a safety initiative for public roads everywhere.

Enquire about our latest technology and all other Plant Hire services at Stabilcorp, we are available to assist you at any stage of your project.